Beijing Banlv Animal Hospital was established in February 1993. From the beginning, Beijing Banlv Aminal hospital have employed the best veterinarians in China including its owners Drs.Lang Liu and Zhenyu Li and their assciates Dr.Qingshan Pan, Profs.ZhaoFei Xia, Degui Lin, Shiyan Qiao and Juifeng Wang. All these associates are faculty members in the veterinary college of Beijing Agriculture University (now named China Agricultural University). As the business grows, Professors. Zhengxing Lu, Shiqiang Feng and Zhi Li joined the practice. With their efforts, Beijing Banlv Animal Hospital has developed into a higher level in terms od clinical techniques and veterinary knowledge. Banlv enjoys its highest reputattion in this field in China. Looking back the past 14 years, no matter in good or bad times in this profession we always abide by our own rules which we set medical ethics and clinical excellence in the utmost important position. We fully utilize our practice to serve a vast number of pet owners and our society at large.

During our recent relocation, we absorbed the most advanced philosophy of design and installed central systerm of air exchange and central vacuum cleaning which was used for the first time in China. We also upgraded our equipment to meet the specific needs for our animals patients.. We imported many veterinary specific equipments and diagnostic tools from USA and Europian countries. By establishing an association with Setauket Animal Hospital in USA and Babitang Animal Hospital, Aikang Animal Hospital, etc, we formed an organization called the Meilian zhonghe Union. This union offers continuing education to train clinical practioners in our community to keep our diagnostic techniques and therapy current.

Address: NO3 Building Xinjiekou Xili, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel :010-66139848 / 66139849 / 66162134
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